lundi 3 juin 2013

Revlon lipsticks: reviews and swatches part 1

Hey guys,

I decided to swatches my revlon lipsticks today.
Revlon makes one the the best drugstore lip products. They're great quality for a reasonable price, especially with the cream finished ones!

Top row: part 1
Bottom row: part 2

From the right: Sky pink, smoked peach, rosedew, softshell pink, pink in the afternoon, gentlemen prefer pink, love that pink, persian melon, wink for pink, primrose and coralberry.

From the right: Sky pink, smoked peach, rosedew, softshell pink, pink in the afternoon and gentlemen prefer pink.

Bare lips

Sky pink
Sky pink: Baby pink not too cool toned not too warm toned. It's a matte formula so if you don't exfoliate or moisturize your lips it will emphasize any imperfection (as you can see on the picture).

Smoked peach
 Smoked peach: Orange shade with a touch of brown. Also a matte formula, so it's drying on the lips but it will last a long time too.

 Rosedew: This lipstick has a pearl finish which makes it not as opaque as cream or matte. This color is actually similar to smoked peach but not as opaque so your natural lip color will affect the final look. With my pigmented lips it makes it more red than smoked peach. It does have some shimmers (nothing crazy just a few)

Softshell pink
 Softshell pink: Pinky coral shade, since it's a pearl finish it doesn't look on my lips the same color as in the tube (I would put some concealer or foundation on my lips before applying it). Again, there are a few shimmers in this lipstick.

Pink in the afternoon
 Pink in the afternoon: This lipstick has a cream finish (my favorite) it won't dry out your lips and it's really opaque. This shade is a beautiful warm pink.

Gentlemen prefer pink
Gentlemen prefer pink: Pearl finish, this color is a cooler toned pink but still a really natural looking color.

This was the first part.

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