vendredi 27 juin 2014

Update: Bad Day

We all have bad days sometimes but today was pretty harsh.
Since a picture is worth a 1000 words here we go:

Yep that's what a bad day looks like. Just looking at this break my heart a little. I was trying to prepare a "dupe" video and it didn't go so well!

We lost the electricity a few times in the last few weeks due to some reparations by the city and my makeup collection didn't appreciate. I didn't realize until today. I drop the first Wet n Wild one so it's a little my fault too! But everything that could have done wrong went wrong. I will need to have a talk with my camera too. The dupe pictures will have to wait because I'm done for today :)

Before I have a mental break down I'll just go for a walk!

Hope your day is better than mine!

Em :)

mercredi 25 juin 2014

NYX Matte Lipsticks - New Shades 2014

L-R: Shy, Spirit, Forbidden, Couture, Daydream, Temptress, Sable, Street Cred, Eden, Aria and Siren.
Hey there! I fought I would share with you a review and some swatches of the new shades of the NYX Matte Lipsticks! If you prefer watching videos:

NYX Matte Lipsticks are incredible! They're extremely creamy and pigmented plus they last hours! Some of the lightest shade tends to wash you out if you have a tan because they are white based but you can always mix them up! They don't tend to sit on your lips as much as the NYX round lipsticks so I much prefer these!

L-R: Shy, Spirit, Forbidden, Couture, Daydream, Temptress, Sable, Street Cred, Eden, Aria and Siren.

The swatches are one swipe! If you watch the video I did you can really see how one swipe will give you the color! The new collection add some more nudes, some fun color for summer and some deep red and purples. Purples were really missing in the older shades!

Shy: This shade is a really light warm nude with a little bit of pink in it! As you can see with my tan (yes for me this is a tan!) It washes me out! Unless you're really fair this will most likely happen to you too. I'll probably end up mixing it with darker shades or do ombre lips with it!

Spirit: This is one of my favorite! It's a stunning nude especially with my tan right now! It kinda reminds me of Fairest Nude by L'Oréal but it's a hint lighter and more peachy. Basically different enough to justify having both ;)

Forbidden: This shade is not for the faint of heart! It's a fun really light creamsicle orange that you can mix with a nude to make it more fun for summer! Again it will look great as a ombré lips. On it's own it is a bit much I'll admit especially with any tan!

Couture: If you love pinky nudes and want another shade to add to your collection Couture is the shade for you! It's really easy to wear and I know I'll wear it a lot.

Daydream: Daydream is a light orange shade! Another fun and unusual color that will be perfect for summer! It kinda reminds me of Cosmopop by Lime Crime.

Temptress: Bright pinky coral, Temptress is more wearable because it's pretty light! If you don't feel comfortable wearing bright shades it's a good start!

Sable: Sable is a nudy brown shade that will look gorgeous on medium to deeper skin tone! It's a bit too brown on my skin.

Street Cred
Street Cred: I loooooove this shade! It's a pinky red that is bright but not too "in your face". I could totally see myself wear this during the day without feeling like it's too much. If you don't know which one to get I highly suggest this one!

Eden: I think if I had to choose (and you would honestly have to twist my arm..) this would be my favorite! Everyone needs this shade no matter what your skin tone this will look AMAZING on you! Totally feel like a bombshell with this not gonna lie!

Aria: This shade isn't as opaque as the other shades but it's not a bad thing! I feel like it makes this purple more wearable for daily uses. There's a little bit of red in it and it isn't too bright. I will clearly wear this this fall and winter!

Siren: *Vampy shade alert* This purple color actually looks like a deep burgundy with a hint of purple on my lips and I love it! This will be perfect again for fall and winter!

Hope you enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites!

Em :)

lundi 23 juin 2014

Cleansers reviews! Clean & Clear, Dermalogica, Philosophy, The Body Shop and REN

I've been using up a lot of my cleansers and I decided it was time to review a few of them all in one! Here they are:

Clean & Clear Morning Burst, The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash, Philosophy Purity Made Simple and REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst: I used cleansers like this a lot as a teenager and they never did anything. I decided to try it again since my skin isn't as acne prone and it just doesn't do anything! Doesn't break me out (and I have sensitive skin!), doesn't dry out my skin but it doesn't help removing makeup or anything else. The orangy scent is nice and I personally don't like the little bids that don't scrub your face and are basically doing nothing.
There's no good ingredients in this product and would never repurchase nor recommend!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser: This cleanser does help clearing your skin but it tends to dry it out because it's a foaming cleanser. I didn't know that at the time I bought it but now I know better. It's nice but I won't repurchase!

Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash: I LOVE this product! It smells like purell but it's because it is anti bacterial! It's a blue gel formula that contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid. It treats your acne, doesn't dry out your skin nor irritates it! Best cleanser I've tried for acne prone skin!
Only down side is the packaging. If I repurchase I'll get the bigger size with the pump because I had to clean this bottle a few times because the product tends to drip.
I recommend this to anyone with acne prone skin!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple: This cleanser is everything the Clean&Clear isn't! Yes it's a simple cleanser but it removes makeup, leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized but not oily. No residue is left on your skin, not an offensive scent and overall just does the job!
It's a cult favorite for a reason! I'll repurchase without a doubt!

REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk: My skin is really dry and sensitive especially during winter! I used this all winter and I fell in love! At first I wasn't use to the almost oily feel of the product when you massage it into your skin. But it leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized and not oily! Didn't irritate my skin at all and the smell is pretty faint!
I recommend this to anyone with dry skin! I still have some for next winter and I'll probably repurchase very winter!

If you prefer seeing the video:

Let me know what are your favorite cleansers!


mercredi 18 juin 2014

FOTD - Dewy Skin and Orange Lips

NYX soft matte lip cream in Morocco

Summer is my favorite season and what a better way to start it with my favorite look at the moment! Bright lips and dewy skin! The top picture isn't the best quality (thanks iPhone) BUT it loved the picture so I had to include it :)

What I'm wearing:

Hourglass Mineral Face Primer (not on the picture): I got a sample size of this and I really like it! It feels like the Smashbox one (silicony) but more like a lotion! Love the glow it gives!

Lioele Triple the Solution: I'm almost done with this and gives you great coverage and SPF!

Tarte Amazonian Blush in Tipsy: Gorgeous orange blush that I LOVE wearing for summer! It lasts all day!

Tarte Park Avenue Princess: Because I need this bronzer to look more tan ;)

NYX soft matte lip cream in Morocco: I'm totally obsessed with this shade!

Winged liner and lashes because I can't live without them!

Hope you're having a great week

Let me know your favorite summer products!

One more just cause ;)
Em :)

mercredi 11 juin 2014

Drugstore Haul: Rimmel, Maybelline, Nuxe and Garnier!

Sooo I went shopping! Totally aware that I'm on a no buy but technically it was free (thanks for the points Shoppers!).

In my defense I went to get some baby wipes and the Nuxe lip balm and I got sucked in...

The lovely girl working there basically twisted my arm (read: She told me that today only your points were worth more!)
So I did what any beauty addict would do I picked up a shopping basket!

The reason I went shopping in the first place was the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm!

 I've heard so many people raving about it that I decided to see for myself if it was that good... plus I do so many lip swatch videos that I thought I deserved it!

For 17$ I sure hope it's good! First impression: the smell (ok taste) reminds me of those honey lozenges I used to have when I was sick as a kid BUT it did moisturize my lips. I'll need more time to decide if it's as good or better than my beloved First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy!

Fun fact: It dries matte which is pretty unusual for a lip balm!

I wouldn't be a lip junkie if I didn't get a lipstick... or 4!

I went to the Rimmel section and they were half off so I picked up two shades!

Rimmel 101 and 107
Both matte, they are long lasting without being drying. They actually go on really creamy!

Rimmel 101
I'm in love! Seriously the shade 101 is a beautiful mauvy nude and I'll be wearing this in the next few months without a doubt!

Rimmel 107
Gorgeous burgundy-berry shade, 107 will be perfect this fall!
Btw these lipsticks smell so good!

Maybelline was also having a sale and I had my eyes on two colors.

Maybelline Vivids in Pink Pop and Blushing Beige

It's no secret that I love my bright lips! Last summer I wasn't into the bright barbie pink so I did skip this shade but I needed it now. Pink Pop is exactly what you would expect Barbie to wear for a night out! I wanted to see if it was similar to my Lime Crime lipstick in Great Pink Planet (we shall see!)

Maybelline Vivids in Pink Pop
(Forgot to take a picture so... Sneak peak of what's coming up!)

I didn't pick up any shade in the Maybelline The Buffs collection and I decided to try one. I got Blushing Beige, the second lightest shade and it seems like it will be a perfect nude lipstick. Not "you look dead" nude nor too warm for my skin tone it seems like I chose the right shade!
Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs in Blushing Beige

I also picked up two products from Garnier Fructis. They always suck me in because of how great they smell. I'll review them when I have a chance to try them!

Let me know what I should get next!

(I'm on a no buy but I can have a list right?)

Em xo

mardi 10 juin 2014

All Time Favorite Face Products! (Foundations, Concealers and Powders)

I've recently been pretty obsessed with "perfect skin". Having a good skincare routine helps... so are these few products ;) I would repurchase all of these (some I've been using for years!)
FYI: I have dry sensitive skin! Some of these work for any skin type some of them work well for dry skin!


I have 3 all time favorite foundations to share with you. A light, a medium and a full coverage one!

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream:
If I could only choose one "foundation" to wear everyday for the rest of my life this would be it!
It's a light coverage so don't expect it to cover everything but my favorite part is that it really looks like skin! I know a lot of people say that about pretty much anything... I heard someone say that Revlon Color Stay looked like skin... Euh no! This really does! It doesn't dry out my skin whatsoever and gives me a dewy healthy look.

The color really matches my skin during the summer and makes me look tan and healthy the rest of the year! The shade does look a bit "grey" and it's darker than the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream. It works well on my skin tone (NW15-20). If the shade works for you, you need to try it!

Only down side for me is the lack of SPF. Another downside for most people would be the fact that there's only this shade.

Nars Sheer Glow:
I personally have the color Deauville which is a bit too yellow for my taste but I usually work with it or mix it with something else.
This foundation is a favorite cult for a reason. You honestly just need to try it on to understand.
It gives you good coverage (medium to full!) but it still looks natural. Glowy skin? Yes please!

Mac Pro Longwear:

Whenever my skin looks "horrible" and don't know what to do, I go for this foundation! It's the best full coverage I've tried so far! Like I said earlier my skin is dry and I can still manage this foundation as long as a put moisturizer on first (as you should always do anyway!). I don't recommend using it everyday as it could in the long run dry out your skin but when you need the coverage it works wonderfully!
I got matched to NC15 so it's too yellow for me but when I'm done with this bottle I will repurchase in the right shade!


Maybelline Age Rewind Under Eyes Concealer:
This is my third tube of this (used up the brightener and the fair shade). I just got the Light shade for summer as my other concealers will be too light.
This concealer is so creamy and moisturizing and doesn't settle into fine lines once it sets (by that I mean that it might crease while I'm doing my makeup and I'll blend it a second time and then it won't budge the rest of the day!)

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer:
Full coverage concealer I love using this whenever I want to completely hide my dark circles! Doesn't crease once it sets and it's simply the best undereyes I've used!
Con: Wish they would change the pump!

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer:
I never want to live without this concealer (I know, I know it sounds extreme but it's so true!)
This will cover ANYTHING! I don't think I'll ever try any other face concealer and that's how happy I am with this product.
Full coverage, waterproof, it blends easily and stays put. You need the tiniest amount and I had the shade 1 for almost 2 years and I'm not half way trough it!
Only down side I can think about is the fact that shade one could be a bit dark for some people. (In the middle of winter it's a hint dark but I'll deal with it because it's so great!)


Covergirl Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder:
They just changed the packaging but the product is apparently the same.
Light coverage, I just use it on a daily basis to set my foundation.

If you have dry skin you know how hard - almost impossible- to find a good powder that won't dry out your skin or emphasize dry patches. This is the best I have found as of now from the drugstore.

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten:
I could seriously just stop right there. I looooove this powder! This on top of the Lioele bb cream is the best combo for perfect skin (that looks like skin!) If I could only use one powder forever this would be it!
Swatched it looks really dark but it obviously looks perfect on the skin. I use the shade regular which is a bit dark but for summer it makes my skin look more tan!
I need to get a lighter shade for winter.

Mac Studio Fix:
This powder will give you good coverage and is so finely milled that it looks natural on your skin. I like this way more than my natural skin finish powder.

Con: White cast with a flash!