jeudi 30 mai 2013

NYX mega shine lip glosses part 2: reviews and swatches

Hey guys!

Here's part 2 of the swatches:

From the bottom: Perfect red, salsa, la-la, smokey look, tea rose, beautiful and nude pink

From the bottom: Perfect red, salsa, la-la, smokey look, tea rose, beautiful and nude pink

From the left: Perfect red, salsa, la-la, smokey look, tea rose, beautiful and nude pink

Bare lips

Perfect red
Perfect red: Creamy classic red. It's not too blue toned or too orange. It is extremely opaque, one swipe and you get this intense color. I would recommend wearing a lipliner with it!

 Salsa: This lipgloss has a mauve color with some really fine blue and silver shimmers. You don't really see them on your lips.

 La-la: Sheer coral color. You can either wear it with a coral lipstick to make it more vibrant or over a nude one to make it more fun for the summer! In the tube (like sugar pie) it seems like there would be some tiny shimmers in it but you don't notice them on your lips.

Smokey look
Smokey look: In the tube and even when you swatch it, this color can be a little intimidating for people with light skin. But it's a sheer gloss so it won't look as orange on your lips as you can see. It turns out to be a warm nude color. Like the name says, it's beautiful with a smokey eyes!

Tea rose
Tea rose: When you see this lip gloss in the tube, it looks like a mid toned mauve color. Turns out it's a sheer version of it. It's more wearable and looks more like a mid toned mauvy pink without shimmers.

 Beautiful: The base color of this one looks similar to the beige lip gloss (mid toned pink). Only it has some noticeable gold shimmers in it. The shimmers stay on your lips even when you don't have any more gloss on!

Nude pink

Nude pink: Opaque creamy peachy pink color. Keep in mind that the cream colors look better when you let them sit on your lips for a little while! It's another version of a nude lipgloss that won't make you look dead.

Hope you enjoyed :)

mercredi 29 mai 2013

NYX lipliner pencils part 1

Hey guys!

Today's post is about the NYX lipliners. They're inexpensive but yet creamy and pigmented.
They have a vast selection and I'll share with you swatches of the ones that I own...
(These are the ones that you have to sharpened)

The lipliners of the part 1 are all matte.

From left to right: Dolly pink, purple rain, bloom, pinky, hot red, fuchsia, plush red, natural and auburn

 For the sake of the swatches I filled in my lips. Keep in mind that I didn't use any concealer before nor lip balms. Even though some of them I would wear on their own.. I would add at least a lip balm since the matte formula get be drying! (On some of the last swatches you can see my lips are getting dry..)

Bare lips

Auburn: Dark cool toned red. For a vampy look it's a really good color. It's a buildable color, the more you apply the darker and the more opaque it will be.

Natural: Beigy nude color. It's opaque and on the warmer side. It would be a good nude lipliner for people with medium skin tone.

Plush red
 Plush red: Pinky cool toned red color. Like auburn, it's buildable, the more you apply the more opaque it will get. It's one of the lipliner I would definitively wear with just some lip balm over it. It's more pink than the hot red.

 Fuchsia: Bright cool toned pink color. I would personally use it under a nude lipstick to make it a little brighter but not too much! Again, this one is buildable.

Hot red
 Hot red: Classic red color. Not too pink, not too orange. The type of red that would look good on everyone!
 Pinky: Warmer mid toned pink and lighter than fuchsia.

 Bloom: More on the red side than fuchsia. It's less pink and more mauve.

Purple rain
 Purple rain: This one is not as opaque as the other ones. You need to apply a few coats for it to look like it does on my arm swatch. It's good if you use it to line your lips before you apply a purple lipstick but I wouldn't use it on it own!

Dolly pink
Dolly pink: Bright baby pink. It looks like St-Germain from Mac in a lipliner form. It's a really blue toned pink and it's really opaque.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the swatches!

Hope you enjoyed :)

mardi 28 mai 2013

NYX mega shine lip glosses part 1: reviews and swatches

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share with you my collection of NYX mega shine lip glosses.
Here's the part 1:

I can only buy these online and it can sometimes be hard to know what they really look like when you see the swatches on the web sites. You might think that this one is a cream but when you receive it it's a frost :S.. So I though I would show you swatches of the ones that I own.

From the bottom: Sugar pie, sweet heart, french kiss, natural, beige, golden pink, dolly pink

From the left: Dolly pink, golden pink, beige, natural, french kiss, sweet heart and sugar pie

They are really creamy and not sticky. They have a really glossy finish and last a while and I personally like the sweet cherry smell. The smell doesn't go away so if you don't like it you might want to pass on these ones.
They are pretty cheap, especially if you consider the fact that you get 15ml-0.53fl.oz. I doubt I'll ever finish one of them. They look better when you let them for a few minutes on your lips.
They packaging is cute and the doe foot applicator is amazing.

Bare lips

Sugar pie
 Sugar pie: My favorite! It's a sheer nude beigy nude color. It's perfect over any other nude lipsticks or it can turn down any colors that might be too bright. In the tube, it seems like there are some really small shimmers, but they don't show when you swatch it or on you lips. It just turns down the color of you lips to the perfect shade!

sweet heart
Sweet heart: This one is a little darker of a nude than sugar pie. It's more opaque and a little more on the frosty side. In the tube it looks like it would be a frost but when swatch you don't really notice it.
French kiss
 French kiss: *Frost alert* This lipgloss is a full on frost. (really not my favorite finish) It is still in the nude family but more on the red-rusty color.

 Natural: (Don't mind the not so good lip swatch). This would be the perfect nude on medium skin tone. It's warmer than the other lip glosses, more on the peachy-brown side. It's a cream so no glitter or shimmer whatsoever.

 Beige: A cult favorite. As everyone usually say.. it's clearly not a beige color but a mid tone pink and has cream finish.
Golden pink
 Golden pink: The base of this lip gloss is really close to the beige one but it has shimmers in it. It's a little bit more blue toned and less opaque than the ones with a cream finish.

Dolly pink
Dolly pink: Bright creamy pink, this lip gloss is a cool toned fuchsia. You can sheer it out or put on more for an opaque finish.

The rest of the swatches are going to be in my next post soon!

Hope you enjoyed :)

dimanche 26 mai 2013

Korres lip butters: collection, swatches and review!

Hey guys!

I was going through my stash I realized I had a few of the Korres lip butters and I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them!
Lately everyone has been crazy about all the different lip butters and I feel like these ones were a little forgotten. We all know about the Revlon lip butters, the Maybelline color whispers, but I never hear anyone talking about the Korres ones. Yes they aren't new, but they are a very good alternative!

Korres describe them as a tinted lip balms that provide deep hydration while giving a shiny tinted finish.  Which they are. I feel like the more tinted they are the less moisturizing, but they still give a lot more than a regular lipstick or lipgloss. They can last a few hours if you don't eat and are careful when you drink.
The complete line has 7 different shades, I personally have 6 of them (I have no idea where my quince one is right now :S). The only one missing is the mango one and it looks like th ideal peachy shade for the summer. They retail at 12$ on the Korres website and 16$ on Sephora (the Canada site) but you can find them for cheaper online (ebay, amazon or allcosmeticswholesale).

Top from left: Wild rose, plum and pomegranate
Bottum from left: Guava and jasmine

From the left: Wild rose, plum, pomegranate, jasmine and guava


They can give you a sheer wash of color and if you apply a few coats they can be pretty pigmented!
So here are the lips swatches...

Bare lips

Wild rose

Wild rose: It is describe as a sheer deep red and as a faint smell of roses. Nothing overpowering in the pot and you can hardly smell it once it's on your lips.


Plum: This one is describe as a sheer lavender berry and again as a faint smell of plum. The color is beautiful in the pot, but as you can see in the pot it transfer as more a red tone than a purple-lavender one, which is a shame.. It looks really similar to the wild rose especially if you have pigmented lips like I do. I would personally suggest you to only get one or the other base on the smell.

Pomegranate: It is describe as a sheer coral and again you almost can't really distinct a smell. Beautiful color especially for summer. I think it's a good way to start if you're afraid of bright colors, especially if you have chap lips!

Quince: Describe as a sheer rose, I feel like this one is a more wearable version of a bright pink. If you only apply one coat it gives your lips a sheer wash of pink, but if you apply a few it can be pretty pigmented.  It has a distinctive smell but I never had a quince so I can't say if the smell is close to it or not.

Jasmine: Sheer neutral pink, this one is a cult favorite. The smell is divine and the hint of color it gives the lips is just perfect! This one you can easily put it on without a mirror. If there was a perfume that smelled like this.. I would buy it in a heart beat!

Guava: Even though this one is describe has a clear lip butter I would personally say it's a sheer white. It will give your lips a milky look (personally not a big fan but..) it is the most moisturizing of them all. I love to use it before I go to bed. When I wake up my lips are still hydrated. I feel like this one also have a stronger smell (maybe because it's my least favorite smell), but once again when it is on you lips the smell doesn't last.

+ For the most part they smell really good and I don't mind the fact that it doesn't last.
+ Really moisturizing
+ Beautiful colors, you can get use to wearing brighter colors.
+ Not sticky!

- More expensive than a lip balm or any other drugstore lip butter
- Not as easy to get (sephora or online) if you want to get it for cheaper
- Not the most unique color (especially since some are really close dupes)
- Not everyone likes to put there finger in a pot while they are on-the-go
- It does transfer, which might be obvious since it's a lip butter, but it's good to keep that in mind.

Would I repurchase?

I would probably buy again the jasmine one if I found it for cheaper online, but it is probably it. I love the them, I will enjoy them for the time that they last me, but I doubt that I'll be buying them again.

I hope you enjoyed :)

vendredi 24 mai 2013

The body shop haul!!

Hey guys!

The body shop recently had a sale online.. 50% off the body butter butter and 40% off everything else!
So.. I went a little crazy :) as you can see..

I bought 6 body butter (for my defense some of them are limited edition! (for the summer only))
Except for the raspberry one and the sweet lemon one, they are all in the new packaging. It's now easier to know for what type of skin the body butter is targeted for since you can see it on the side!

From top left: Raspberry, sweet lemon and strawberry
From bottom left: Mango, papaya and passion fruit

The body butters on the top row are my favorite even though I do like the other ones. My least favorite is probably the papaya one, but it's probably because I wanted the satsuma one but it was out of stock..

One thing to know is that the texture is different depending on the targeted skin type.. The more it's moisturizing the more liquid it is. For example, the mango one is for very dry skin and definitively has the most "liquidy" texture! Even though it is very moisturizing I only use it at night because it takes a while to sink into my skin. I prefer the ones for more normal skin when I want to moisturize quickly before I'm out the door!
From the left: Mango, raspberry, strawberry

I also picked up some body scrubs! They are one of my favorite brands because they do the job without being to harsh on my skin or drying it! I wanted the sweet lemon one but again it was out of stock so I chose the Shea butter one and the mango one..

Finally I never tried their shower gels before and they were really cheap with this sale so I decided to pick up my two favorite smell; strawberry and sweet lemon.

In total it was less than 100$ for all of these, plus the cask back..

My little tip: The Body Shop can be expensive, but not if...
- You wait like I did for a good sale!
- Use their membership card! (10% off) (yes it cost 10$ but they give you a 10$ coupon during the        month of your birthday!)
- Use ebates! (Between 6% and 12% cash back!)


I hope you enjoyed! :)