vendredi 24 mai 2013

The body shop haul!!

Hey guys!

The body shop recently had a sale online.. 50% off the body butter butter and 40% off everything else!
So.. I went a little crazy :) as you can see..

I bought 6 body butter (for my defense some of them are limited edition! (for the summer only))
Except for the raspberry one and the sweet lemon one, they are all in the new packaging. It's now easier to know for what type of skin the body butter is targeted for since you can see it on the side!

From top left: Raspberry, sweet lemon and strawberry
From bottom left: Mango, papaya and passion fruit

The body butters on the top row are my favorite even though I do like the other ones. My least favorite is probably the papaya one, but it's probably because I wanted the satsuma one but it was out of stock..

One thing to know is that the texture is different depending on the targeted skin type.. The more it's moisturizing the more liquid it is. For example, the mango one is for very dry skin and definitively has the most "liquidy" texture! Even though it is very moisturizing I only use it at night because it takes a while to sink into my skin. I prefer the ones for more normal skin when I want to moisturize quickly before I'm out the door!
From the left: Mango, raspberry, strawberry

I also picked up some body scrubs! They are one of my favorite brands because they do the job without being to harsh on my skin or drying it! I wanted the sweet lemon one but again it was out of stock so I chose the Shea butter one and the mango one..

Finally I never tried their shower gels before and they were really cheap with this sale so I decided to pick up my two favorite smell; strawberry and sweet lemon.

In total it was less than 100$ for all of these, plus the cask back..

My little tip: The Body Shop can be expensive, but not if...
- You wait like I did for a good sale!
- Use their membership card! (10% off) (yes it cost 10$ but they give you a 10$ coupon during the        month of your birthday!)
- Use ebates! (Between 6% and 12% cash back!)


I hope you enjoyed! :)

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