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Korres lip butters: collection, swatches and review!

Hey guys!

I was going through my stash I realized I had a few of the Korres lip butters and I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them!
Lately everyone has been crazy about all the different lip butters and I feel like these ones were a little forgotten. We all know about the Revlon lip butters, the Maybelline color whispers, but I never hear anyone talking about the Korres ones. Yes they aren't new, but they are a very good alternative!

Korres describe them as a tinted lip balms that provide deep hydration while giving a shiny tinted finish.  Which they are. I feel like the more tinted they are the less moisturizing, but they still give a lot more than a regular lipstick or lipgloss. They can last a few hours if you don't eat and are careful when you drink.
The complete line has 7 different shades, I personally have 6 of them (I have no idea where my quince one is right now :S). The only one missing is the mango one and it looks like th ideal peachy shade for the summer. They retail at 12$ on the Korres website and 16$ on Sephora (the Canada site) but you can find them for cheaper online (ebay, amazon or allcosmeticswholesale).

Top from left: Wild rose, plum and pomegranate
Bottum from left: Guava and jasmine

From the left: Wild rose, plum, pomegranate, jasmine and guava


They can give you a sheer wash of color and if you apply a few coats they can be pretty pigmented!
So here are the lips swatches...

Bare lips

Wild rose

Wild rose: It is describe as a sheer deep red and as a faint smell of roses. Nothing overpowering in the pot and you can hardly smell it once it's on your lips.


Plum: This one is describe as a sheer lavender berry and again as a faint smell of plum. The color is beautiful in the pot, but as you can see in the pot it transfer as more a red tone than a purple-lavender one, which is a shame.. It looks really similar to the wild rose especially if you have pigmented lips like I do. I would personally suggest you to only get one or the other base on the smell.

Pomegranate: It is describe as a sheer coral and again you almost can't really distinct a smell. Beautiful color especially for summer. I think it's a good way to start if you're afraid of bright colors, especially if you have chap lips!

Quince: Describe as a sheer rose, I feel like this one is a more wearable version of a bright pink. If you only apply one coat it gives your lips a sheer wash of pink, but if you apply a few it can be pretty pigmented.  It has a distinctive smell but I never had a quince so I can't say if the smell is close to it or not.

Jasmine: Sheer neutral pink, this one is a cult favorite. The smell is divine and the hint of color it gives the lips is just perfect! This one you can easily put it on without a mirror. If there was a perfume that smelled like this.. I would buy it in a heart beat!

Guava: Even though this one is describe has a clear lip butter I would personally say it's a sheer white. It will give your lips a milky look (personally not a big fan but..) it is the most moisturizing of them all. I love to use it before I go to bed. When I wake up my lips are still hydrated. I feel like this one also have a stronger smell (maybe because it's my least favorite smell), but once again when it is on you lips the smell doesn't last.

+ For the most part they smell really good and I don't mind the fact that it doesn't last.
+ Really moisturizing
+ Beautiful colors, you can get use to wearing brighter colors.
+ Not sticky!

- More expensive than a lip balm or any other drugstore lip butter
- Not as easy to get (sephora or online) if you want to get it for cheaper
- Not the most unique color (especially since some are really close dupes)
- Not everyone likes to put there finger in a pot while they are on-the-go
- It does transfer, which might be obvious since it's a lip butter, but it's good to keep that in mind.

Would I repurchase?

I would probably buy again the jasmine one if I found it for cheaper online, but it is probably it. I love the them, I will enjoy them for the time that they last me, but I doubt that I'll be buying them again.

I hope you enjoyed :)

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