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NYX Matte Lipsticks - New Shades 2014

L-R: Shy, Spirit, Forbidden, Couture, Daydream, Temptress, Sable, Street Cred, Eden, Aria and Siren.
Hey there! I fought I would share with you a review and some swatches of the new shades of the NYX Matte Lipsticks! If you prefer watching videos:

NYX Matte Lipsticks are incredible! They're extremely creamy and pigmented plus they last hours! Some of the lightest shade tends to wash you out if you have a tan because they are white based but you can always mix them up! They don't tend to sit on your lips as much as the NYX round lipsticks so I much prefer these!

L-R: Shy, Spirit, Forbidden, Couture, Daydream, Temptress, Sable, Street Cred, Eden, Aria and Siren.

The swatches are one swipe! If you watch the video I did you can really see how one swipe will give you the color! The new collection add some more nudes, some fun color for summer and some deep red and purples. Purples were really missing in the older shades!

Shy: This shade is a really light warm nude with a little bit of pink in it! As you can see with my tan (yes for me this is a tan!) It washes me out! Unless you're really fair this will most likely happen to you too. I'll probably end up mixing it with darker shades or do ombre lips with it!

Spirit: This is one of my favorite! It's a stunning nude especially with my tan right now! It kinda reminds me of Fairest Nude by L'Oréal but it's a hint lighter and more peachy. Basically different enough to justify having both ;)

Forbidden: This shade is not for the faint of heart! It's a fun really light creamsicle orange that you can mix with a nude to make it more fun for summer! Again it will look great as a ombré lips. On it's own it is a bit much I'll admit especially with any tan!

Couture: If you love pinky nudes and want another shade to add to your collection Couture is the shade for you! It's really easy to wear and I know I'll wear it a lot.

Daydream: Daydream is a light orange shade! Another fun and unusual color that will be perfect for summer! It kinda reminds me of Cosmopop by Lime Crime.

Temptress: Bright pinky coral, Temptress is more wearable because it's pretty light! If you don't feel comfortable wearing bright shades it's a good start!

Sable: Sable is a nudy brown shade that will look gorgeous on medium to deeper skin tone! It's a bit too brown on my skin.

Street Cred
Street Cred: I loooooove this shade! It's a pinky red that is bright but not too "in your face". I could totally see myself wear this during the day without feeling like it's too much. If you don't know which one to get I highly suggest this one!

Eden: I think if I had to choose (and you would honestly have to twist my arm..) this would be my favorite! Everyone needs this shade no matter what your skin tone this will look AMAZING on you! Totally feel like a bombshell with this not gonna lie!

Aria: This shade isn't as opaque as the other shades but it's not a bad thing! I feel like it makes this purple more wearable for daily uses. There's a little bit of red in it and it isn't too bright. I will clearly wear this this fall and winter!

Siren: *Vampy shade alert* This purple color actually looks like a deep burgundy with a hint of purple on my lips and I love it! This will be perfect again for fall and winter!

Hope you enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites!

Em :)

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