samedi 1 juin 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover

Hey guys!

I thought I would share with you my favorite product to get rid of pimples. It's my Origins Super Spot Remover.

I have to say for time I saw it I was a little disappointed... it's so small and not cheap!
It's now retailed in Sephora for 17$ (on the canadian website). At that price you expect a product of 10ml (0.3fl.oz) to be amazing and in that case it's the truth.

The active ingredient in it is salicylic acid.
For how effective it is, you would think it has a high percentage but it only has 1.5%.
It's probably due to the fact that it has a gel consistency. The gel won't go anywhere else!

It is the best product I have ever used to get rid of acne! After a few hours there is already a huge difference and overnight my pimples were almost gone.
I have very dry and sensitive skin and I didn't have any bad reaction to it.

As you can see this product has been well loved... I'm almost out of it :S
But it has lasted me over a year so I guess it's not bad!

I love the packaging.. you can easily control how much you use and you won't spill it.

A little tip (useful not only with this product) is to not "over used it" (let's be honest we all tend to do that!). By that I mean that if you apply a lot of it pretty often and you don't moisturize your skin, you might dry patches around the pimple.

I love the packaging because you can easily control how much you use and you won't spill it.

+++ Very effective
+ The gel consistency helps treating only the area that you want
+ Packaging

- Not cheap (17$) but well worth it
- Little bottle (it still lasted me over a year!)

Will I repurchase?

YES without a doubt!

I hope you enjoyed :)

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