lundi 10 juin 2013

NYX round lipsticks: reviews and swatches

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share with you my NYX round lipsticks.
In my personal experience with NYX, their lipsticks are really hit or miss. I love when they have a cream finish but when you order them online you don't always know :S

From the left: Chaos, Gala, Hebe, Sky pink, Strawberry milk, Gardenia, Fig and Rose bud.

Top row from the left: Chaos, Gala, Hebe, Sky pink
Bottom from the left: Strawberry milk, Gardenia, Fig and Rose bud.

From the right: Chaos, Gala, Hebe, Sky pink, Strawberry milk, Gardenia, Fig and Rose bud.
Chaos: This lipstick is so pigmented! The swatches are only one swipe! It looks more like a pinky red on me than in the tube.

Gala: I really dislike this one... it's a thick consistency with glitters. It's a really pigmented light baby pink and it looks good in the tube but once you try to apply it... fail!

Hebe: This lipstick has some slight shimmers in it that give a pearl finish. It is pigmented but the finish is not my favorite.
Sky pink
Sky pink: Pearl finish mauvy pink.

Strawberry milk
Strawberry milk: Really light barbie pink, it has a cream finish. Only problem.. it sits on your lips! I just feel like it doesn't sink into them. If you like a milky finish on your lips you will like this one.

Gardenia: Pearl finish pinky red. It is really pigmented too.

Fig: This is a beautiful color. When swatch, it looks more corally pink. On my lips it looks like a warm creamy pink. Again it is really pigmented.

Rose bud
Rose bud: This lipstick is really frosty. It's not as pigmented as the other ones. It is a light pink and the frost is a warm color.


I would repurchase NYX lipstick but you really need to find some swatches if you're going to order online because on their website or on you won't be sure of what it looks like.

I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to follow :)

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