dimanche 30 juin 2013

Makeout 2013: Banned from buying makeup?

Hey guys!

We've all heard of project pans and makeout 2013 and even though I was already doing it during the last year I thought I would start a new one and share it with you.

Starting of July 1st, I will not be buying makeup for the rest of the year. I will only allowed myself to buy 1 beauty product per month so 6 until the end of december.
Certain type of products will be on a complete no buy (list below) and certain items I'll be able to buy toward the 6 items.
The only way I'll be able to get more than 6 items will be to use up/throw away/give away a certain amount of the same type of products.
Obviously items that I need (Shampoo and conditioner, makeup remover, etc.) I can repurchase.

Products that are on a no buy : (unless I finish them all (not gonna happen!))

- Body lotion (If you have seen my last post you understand why!)
- Mascara (this is going to be hard :S)
- Shower gels
- Soap
- Body spray
- Primer
- Pigment
- Hand soap
- Hand sanitizer

The rest can be purchase and will count in the 6 limited products UNLESS I use up a certain amount of the ones in my collection.

To buy a new X, I need to use up (throw away or give away counts too) :

- To buy a lip product, I need to use up : 5
- To buy a foundation, I need to use up : 2
- To buy a concealer, I need to use up : 2
- To buy a powder, I need to use up : 1
- To buy a blush, I need to use up : 1 (Which is basically impossible for me :( ...)
- To buy a bronzer, I need to use up : 2 (Again impossible...)
- To buy a highlighter, I need to use up : 1
- To buy an eyeliner, I need to use up : 2
- To buy an eye primer, I need to use up: 2
- To buy a brow product, I need to use up : 1
- To buy a body scrub, I need to use up : 2
- To buy a face scrub, I need to use up : 2

(I think it's everything!)

I will try to avoid buying skincare product since I plan on buying quite a few things during the 20% off Sephora sale in November. Those items will not count for the makeout 2013.

I'm not planning anything for nails and hair just because I don't own that many (ok not completely true with nail polishes) but I don't tend to go crazy when I buy them. If I see that I start buying too much, I will add them to my makeout 2013.

Let me know if you are doing one and if you have any tricks. I was on a no buy for a few months and I did okay. When I finished I did buy a few things and that's why I will try to do it again.
I'm not sure how well it's going to go :S
I'm doing this to really use up all my "half used" beauty products and to make a big clean up of my collection. Whatever I'm not using, I'll either give it to someone else, sell it or throw it away! I'm not sure how well I'll do about the "no buy part", but as long as I use up some products I'll be happy :)
I will keep you posted on my progress!

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Note : A haul will be posted after this post but I already bought the products and since this new project only starts on July 1st it doesn't count :)

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