mercredi 5 juin 2013

NYX lipliner pencils reviews and swatches part 2

Hey guys!

Here are the swatches of the part 2

From the right: Rose, citrine, hot pink, flower, sand pink, nude pink, edge pink, peekaboo neutral, nude pink, nude

Bare lips

Rose: Matte mid toned blue base pink

Citrine: Frost rusty brown-red color.

Hot pink
Hot pink: Matte bright pink.

Flower: Frosty baby pink. This is the type of color that looks completely different on the web site. If I knew it would look like this, I would never have bought it. I'll probably use it as a highlight in the middle of my lips :S
Sand pink

Sand pink: This color looks more blue toned on my lips than when I swatch it on my arm. It's a mid toned pink. It's warmer and darker than rose lipliner.

Nude pink
Nude pink: This is exactly the type of color I have in mind when someone says nude pink. It's on the warm side and I wouldn't wear it all over my lips but it works beautifully with a nude lipstick.
Edge pink
Edge pink: Look fuchsia on my lips. Pearl finish, blue toned and on the bright side.
Peekaboo neutral
Peekaboo neutral: Darker, warmer and more on the warm side than nude pink. It's also a matte.

These ones are retractable so you don't need to sharpened them!

Nude pink
Nude pink: Matte neutral mid toned pink.

Nude: Light nude color. It's a matte and less warmer and more light than peekaboo neutral.

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