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Beauty Hoarder - Makeup addiction

Hi my name is Emilie and I’m an addict. lol

With Youtube becoming more and more popular, I feel like more and more people are getting addicted to hoarding makeup and beauty products and I clearly am a hoarder.

One of the things I have way too many of are body lotions (body cream, body butters...). 

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem… Well I think I’m there.
Let me show you…

Who seriously needs over 20 something tubes and pots of lotion ?!
Me apparently ! (Ok it's even worse than I thought... 40 with the miniature sizes... :S)

I could try to justify myself by saying that my skin is really dry and that they all have a different consistency and that they all have a different smell (it’s almost like wearing perfume!). Some are smaller sizes so I can travel easily with them (who ever really travel that much?), some work better before I go to bed, some are quick and easy when I just want to moisturize before I’m out the door.
But still... I have too much and these are just excuses!

Oh also.. (Am I the only one who does this?)
Like I said I have really dry skin especially during winter (scales fish legs are not attractive!) so I’ll end up buying once in a while some lotion to moisturize it and I might use it a couple time… then stop!

Oh and yes I will obviously complain that my skin is still really dry and I'll wonder why since I have so many lotions… yes that’s how logic I am!
A part of me must think that just buying it is enough and that magically my skin will feel and look better without even using it.

Also whenever I decide that I need more of them I never buy only one. No I have to go and buy a few new creams (totally Bath and Body Works fault for their buy 3 get 3 free sales (I'm not trying to find excuses at all))

I have good excuses for some of them. For example, the Aveeno one... I wasn't home when I got it. I was traveling and I had a rash and I needed to buy something. I even chose a small size (see I was trying to be responsible!).

The next step, after you admitted that you have a problem, is to find a solution so I decided to include body products to my makeout 2013 (I'll do a post on it soon!). So I won’t be buying body products for the rest of the year. No matter how much I love all of these, I need to used them up.
The good news is you’ll probably see them in my future empties!

Here's a list of all the products (I'll try to update it whenever I finish or give away one!) :

- EOS nourish revitalizing care hand and body lotion (DONE!)
- Biotherm Oil therapy
- Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion (travel size)
- Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (Sample size)

Bath and Body Works :
- Triple Moisture Body Cream (TMC) Carried Away (DONE!)
- TMC black raspberry vanilla
- TMC warm vanilla sugar
- Bali Mango body lotion (x2) (DONE!)
- Sweet Pea body lotion (DONE!)
- Stress relief body lotion (travel size)
- Sleep lavender chamomile body lotion (travel size)
- Sleep lavender vanilla body lotion (travel size)
- Energy orange ginger (travel size) 
- Energy lemon zest (travel size)
- Sensual jasmine vanilla (travel size)
- Body butter in Secret Wonderland (Gifted them because I'm allergic to the formula!)
- Body butter in Carried Away
- Body butter in Be Enchanted
- Body butter in Dark Kiss
- Body butter in Moonlight Path (Hate the smell will find a new home for it!)

The Body Shop:

- Satsuma
- Pink Grapefruit
- Moringa (Hate the smell will find a new home for it!)
- Sweet Lemon
- Strawberry

Normal size:
- Raspberry 
- Satsuma
- Sweet Lemon
- Strawberry
- Passionfruit (DONE!)
- Papaya (DONE!)
- Mango (DONE)
- Vitamine E (Allergic)
- Shea


- Vanilla
- Floral Acai
- Macadamia (finished one side!)

I thought that sharing them would motivate me to used them up (and let's be honest, I hoped it would make me a little ashamed too!) Now I just have to not buy any for at least the next 6 months. I haven't bought anything from the semi annual sale of Bath and Body Works (proud!). Using them up I realized I much prefer their TMCs to their body butters, but I'll wait till next year when I (hopefully) use all of those to buy some.

In conclusion, yes I have an addiction to body lotion… and blushes... Actually my addiction with blushes might even be worse but that’s an other story :P
I might do a post on it… but let’s call it blushes collection… it sounds a lot better right? :)

If you have the same problem or would like to make me feel less alone and weird… comment and let me know if you have this addiction… or an addiction to any other beauty product.
Also let me know if you're doing a make out 2013!

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