lundi 25 mai 2015

Best Tinted Brow Gel? NYX, Maybelline or Benefit? REVIEWS

I've recently been trying to find the perfect tinted brow gel for those days when I'm in a rush or looking for something natural.

After experimenting with three different ones for a few weeks I thought I would share my thoughts!

Tinted Brow Gel - Maybelline Brow Drama, NYX Tinted Brow Mascara and Benefit Gimme Brow

Maybelline Brow Drama in Soft Brown:

Let's just start by quickly mentioning that the darker shade would have probably been a better match. With that said, I still think it would have been a fail.

The main reason is that the wand is NOT user friendly. The tip as you can see is a big ball... It is personally bigger than my natural brows and although there's not too much product on it, it's easy to make a mess.
I'm not sure why they added the part at the end as it is not possible (unless you try crazy angles) to reach the tail of you brows with it. I wish it was a smaller cone shape!

The formula was okay. It looked a bit too wet on the brow and didn't make them look full. Again a darker shade might have helped for that part. Most of the brows did however stay in place.

Overall: Won't repurchase nor recommend.

This is the best drugstore one of the bunch! The wand works much better and the color surprisingly matches me. I have to say when I first received it I expected it to be too warm but it wasn't the case!

Most of my brows stayed in place and it did add a bit of color and fullness to the brow especially on the tail!

I would recommend it especially if you already have pretty full brows with not empty parts!

Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep:

My favorite of them all! It's almost not fair to compare it to the other ones since it has little fibres in it. The wand is perfect in size although there is sometimes a bit too much product on it.

The color is great - not too dark and a cool tone! It last well all day but the best part is that any sparse area will be filled in and look really natural.

To me it is totally worth spending the money and not having to use powder and brow gel when I'm in a rush.

Will repurchase!!

Em :)

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