dimanche 10 août 2014

First Impression: L'Oréal True Match Lumi - Review

Finding a holy grail foundation can seriously be a full time job. There's different finishes, coverage level, colors... the list goes on!

Personally I have dry sensitive skin. With no tan I'm more cool tone but when I tan I'm more neutral. I prefer light to medium coverage. Knowing that this foundation had to be the perfect match for me... and it is!

It's medium coverage and gives you a flawless finish - it seriously looks like skin!
The range is really yellow so I bough C3 and it matches me perfectly. If you have really warm tone skin you will like that there's a lot of choices for you. If you have really pink skin you might find it hard.

It's a really liquidy foundation and you will need 3-4 pumps to do your face - I'm afraid to run out of this way to quickly. For a drugstore foundation it's pretty pricey.
I would compare it to my Nars Sheer Glow foundation (compare to this it's affordable!)
With a primer and a light powder it looks amazing all day!

Flawless finish
Medium coverage
Stays all day if you have normal to dry skin

The price considering it's drugstore
The quantity you need each time
Will get shiny if you have oily skin

Even though there's clearly some negative points, they have nothing to do with the finish and the foundation itself. It's officially a new HOLY GRAIL foundation for me!!

Hope you enjoy!

Em :)

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