mardi 23 décembre 2014

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection Lipsticks + Lip Swatches

It's no secret that I love the Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks so I knew I needed to try the Fergie Collection! I ended up falling in love with these even more! They're just as pigmented on the lips but they're creamier and doesn't go on as thick!
I recommend them to everyone - if you thought the Megalast were dryer give these a shot as they're more moisturizing! They're also very affordable at around 3$!

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection Lipsticks L-R: Fergie Daily, Bebot Love, VIPink, Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam, Saraghina, Fuchsianista, D-Vinely Chilled, Ferguson Crest Carbernet and Pagan Angel

Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection Lipsticks L-R: Pagan Angel, Ferguson Crest Cabernet, D-Vinely Chilled, Fuchsianista, Saraghina, Old School Glam, Penthouse Sweet, V.I.Pink, Bebot Love and Fergie Daily

Fergie Daily
Fergie Daily: I love that shade! It's a beautiful nude and it's not too warm tone which I prefer.
Bebot Love
Bebot Love: If you were looking for a darker nude this is it! It will look gorgeous on any skin tone!

V.I.Pink: Another favorite! I love cool tone pink and this one manage to stay wearable!
Penthouse Sweet
Penthouse Sweet: If you love mid tone pink you need to try this one!

Old School Glam
Old School Glam: How gorgeous is it?! It looks pretty bright on light skin tones but will look more natural on deeper skin tone! I highly recommend this one!
Saraghina: That is one beautiful red shade! It's a bit on the cool side - just enough to make your teeth look whiter!
Fuchsianista: This one is the only one with a duo chrome finish and it's blue! It reminds me of the finish of the Lime Crime lipstick in Poison Berry (obviously it's not as dark!)
D-Vinely Chilled
D-Vinely Chilled: This one has a ton of glitters! Not my cup of tea but I can see it look amazing on deep skin tone!
Ferguson Crest Cabernet
Ferguson Crest Cabernet: This color is a must! Everyone needs this shade in their life - it's the perfect deeper berry red shade!
Pagan angel
Pagan Angel: If you are looking for an affordable black lipstick you need this one! It's 3$ so you can't go wrong!

I filmed a swatch video: 

Fergie Daily, Bebot Love, V.I.Pink and Penthouse Sweet

Old School Glam, Saraghina, Fuchsinista and D-Vinely Chilled

Ferguson Crest Cabernet and Pagan Angel

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  1. wow I didn't know you have a blog!^_^ I only always watch you on youtube. I followed you now :) I love your collection!

  2. waoo simply amazing colletion for all of you needs from daily wear to funtion wear all colors there