mardi 11 novembre 2014

NYX Soft Lip Cream VS NYX Matte Lipstick

One question I've received a lot if which one between the NYX soft matte lip cream and the NYX matte lipstick do I prefer!
Thing is I love them both for different reason and I thought this video would be the best to show how and why!
I'm testing the NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen against the NYX matte lipstick in Aria. I'm testing them through time, drinking water, kissing (my hand!) and finally eating!
Which one will win? Both but for different reasons :)


After three hours the lipsticks still look virtually the same color. I noticed the matte lipstick was transferring when I would drink water but the color still look great on me lips!

"Kissing test": You can really see that the NYX soft matte lip cream doesn't transfer but that the matte lipstick does! The color still remains on the lips even after transfer due to the stain!

"Baby wipe test": I tried removing them from my hand with a dry baby wipe. Both were removed - Aria made a little bit of a mess but was that left a darkest stain!

After food both were affected. Copenhagen doesn't resist food well and most of the color on the inside of my lips disappeared and left no stain. Aria left a stain a little lighter and more pink but it still looked good!

Overall I love them both for different reasons:

NYX soft matte lip creams are kiss proof and don't transfer even if you drink water. They do not resist food - they will last perfectly on your lips until you eat.

NYX matte lipsticks will transfer but will stain your lips all day if you choose a bold color!

Em :)

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