samedi 18 octobre 2014

Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette : Not for Canada!

The new Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette came out yesterday on Sephora's website and at that moment I realized that I couldn't get it.

Apparently they won't be shipping to Canada - this was on my wish list and I have to say I'm disappointed.

I called Sephora to asked why and apparently it may be because of the ingredients in one of the limited edition blush that is in this palette. Sad day!

I suppose that in my case it's not that big of a deal I already own Deep Throat and Laguna and so many more blushes that I can easily get something else :P

What are your thoughts?

I won't be going through the trouble to try and use a forwarding company nor travelling for it!

Em :)


It is now available for Canada! (yay!) Will you get it?

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  1. I totally agree with you! I wish they put more info about where the products are going to be available or not.. I used to live in a part of méxico were I wasn't able to get a tooon of makeup that I always wanted lol. This palette looks like a good deal tho... :) I don't own anything nars yet!

    1. It's really worth the price that's for sure - the price on Sephora is 75$ but it contains 160$ worth of product! If you can you should get it since it's probably an amazing product :)
      Considering I own like 16 bars blushes... it might not be such a bad thing that I can't get it haha

  2. Hey! I live in Manitoba and I was able to order that palette from Sephora's website today. Maybe you should try again and get yourself a palette before it's sold out :)

    1. I just looked again and nope I still can't get it :(
      It says "this item cannot be shipped to Canada".
      Lucky you! :)

  3. Would love to have it <3 It's not on the french Sephora website yet sadly :(
    Hope they'll sell it someday! Feel like we're always late on new make up release here!

    1. I feel the same whenever I see girls from the USA haha
      Hopefully they get it soon! :)