mardi 27 mai 2014

NYX Butter Lipsticks Collection, Review and Lip Swatches - ALL 22 Shades

I'm finally having the time to put together this blog post! I always love finding lip swatch pictures and videos so I thought you would enjoy!

NYX Butter Lipsticks are a little hit and miss when it comes to pigmentation. Personally I don't really mind because it makes some of these more wearable. With 22 shades there's definitively a shade for everyone. They don't smell like anything and the more pigmented shades are the ones that last the longest. Really comfortable on the lips, they literally feel like a lip balm!

I did a video on them if you would like to see it:

L-R: Sugar Waffer, Snow Cap, Fun Size, Bit of Honey, Hubba Bubba, Candy Buttons, Cotton Candy, Gumdrop, Taffy, Lollies and Little Susie
Sugar Waffer

Sugar Waffer: In the tube it looks like a warm nudy color. It's no extremely pigmented but it does nude out my lips (which are a reddish color!) It's the lightest of the bunch!

Snow Cap
Snow Cap: This is the most neutral brown shade of the light colours and it's sheer. It is darker that Sugar Waffer and more neutral brown.
Fun Size
Fun Size: This is my favorite everyday color of these! Perfect nudy pink shade. Sheer enough that you don't need a mirror to apply it but enough to nude out my lips!

Bit of Honey

Bit of Honey: This one is a little too milky for my taste. It looks fine in pictures but it tends to emphasize any lines or dry patches. Under a lipgloss it would be perfect as a orangy-warm nude color. Again it's pretty sheer!

Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba: Hubba Bubba is a sheer but yet build able light pinky cool tone shade. It does emphasize your imperfections but the color is worth exfoliating your lips!

Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons: Beautiful coral shade! It would be perfect for spring and summer. It's more pigmented than the lighter shades and more of a mid tone orangy color.

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy: Bright pink shade, it comes off brighter than what it looks like in the tube. It is darker than Hubba Bubba.
Gumdrop: Gumdrop is a mid tone pink that really needs to be build up to appear brighter. Unless you love this shade I would skip it.


Taffy: Darker and a little more pigmented than Gumdrop, Taffy is more on the mauvy side.

Lollies: This is one of my favorites! It's a bright pinky coral. If you are more tan I would stay away because its white base might be harder to pull off.
Little Susie

Little Susie: Pigmented pinky red shade, if you're scared of reds or want a shade that you can wear everyday Little Susie would be perfect for that!

L-R: Fireball, Hot Tamale, Fizzies, Pops, Sweet Tart, Juju, Razzle, Big Cherry, Mary Janes, Hunk and Licorice

Fireball: Orangy red shade. On my lips it looks pigmented but it's because my lips are already a reddish color. On the swatch you can really see how sheer it is. Again if that's what you like Fireball is for you.

Hot Tamale
Hot Tamale: Super pigmented orange shade! Perfect for summer. If you're looking for an orange lipstick that has a bit of red in it Hot Tamale would be for you! It's one of my favorite.

Fizzies: More of  muted mauvy pink shade with some red in it. It's really sheer.

Pops: This would be an awesome nude color for darker skin! On me it looks more like a mauve brown that I could wear during fall. It's sheer but buildable.

Sweet Tart
Sweet Tart: More pigmented but still sheer Sweet Tart is more on the fuchsia red side than Fizzies.

Juju: True red color with a hint of orange in it, Juju is still on the sheer side but buildable

Razzle: Bright purple pink shade Razzle can be build up to this shade or worn more sheer. If you're scared of bright pinks this is an easy way to start!

Big Cherry
Big Cherry: True red and pigmented Big Cherry is the perfect shade of red!

Mary Janes
Mary Janes: Deep red shade with a hint of brown in it.
Hunk: Don't be scared by this shade. It looks dark in the tube but it goes on sheer and you can build it up to this beautiful purple shade. I fell in love with this shade and I can't wait for fall to wear it!

Licorice: Deep purpely red shade, Licorice is clearly a vampy color! If you're into these type of lipsticks you need this one!

I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know what are your favorite shades!
Em :)
Here are the pictures that I posted on instagram! 

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  1. Hi..
    Very nice blog and I loved this one especially!
    I am already following you on youtube. I do have a question about your first video of 5 under $5 makeup products, what is the nail polish you're wearing on that video? It is so gorgeous that I want it badly!! :)
    Thanks again, and btw, you are very pretty. :)

  2. Beautiful blog and fantastic swatches. Thank you!

  3. this helped me so much choosing which colors to pick! amazing swatches and very accurate description. love it!

  4. Hi, I've been in love with this lipstick for its smooth texture on my lips. Been wearing Pops to work and Little Susie on weekend. Wanna try Fizzies and Candy Button. Do you think it's okay for my South East Asian skin? Thank you.

  5. So in love with these lipsticks. They are light, moist and pigmented!

  6. All colours looks amazing on you! You can really pull them off :)

  7. All colours looks amazing on you! You can really pull them off :)

  8. Perhaps just too many pictures that look the same with the same pose.

  9. Little Sussie is the best on you.