jeudi 27 février 2014

Hoarding Body Lotions - Update

Little update!

You might remember a few months back I posted a picture of my body lotion "collection" aka my hoarding issue or addiction:

Basically I finally decided to grab them all and count... 40 (one's missing on the picture)
And whenever someone who collects makeup or is obsess with beauty products does that... we tend to be a little shocked.

I have one body I don't need 40 lotions.
A few months later I decided to officially update you and count them all again:

So I'm down at 30 (again one's missing!) It is still an overwhelming quantity but there's progress!

I failed once my "I'm not gonna buy body lotion again". Bath and Body works sucked me in and I ended up buying 5 of their triple moisture body cream..
Still I have less than when I counted them first and I'll continue to try to used as many as I can!
Those body butter towers should be gone... or at least a few of them next time!

Hope you enjoyed!
Em :)

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