mardi 7 janvier 2014

Makeout 2014

New year, new beauty resolutions!

This year I decided to try to do the make out 2014!
I filmed a video about the 14 products I want out of my collection before the end of the year. I will also start a project pan on my youtube channel but I wanted to do a more in debt blog post about what I will try to do and more specifically what I will try not to do!
My makeout 2014 will end with the Sephora VIB sale, because this is the time I buy most of my high end products (over 20% off is too good to pass!).

Products I will not allow myself to buy this year:

  • Body lotion : I seriously don't need any body cream for at least a whole year, there is no way I'll finish all the ones I own (I need to stop hoarding them...)
  • Mascara (only exception is ONE lash blast mascara from Covergirl)
  • Face Powder: Again I have enough for the whole year I might buy one in a darker color since I started self tanning more and this summer I might end up having nothing to match me
  • Face Primer: I have enough for an army (literally) and so many samples
  • Eye primer: Same as above!
  • Body Scrub: Unless I don't have any left!
  • Hair oil
  • Heat protecting spray for my hair
  • I could just say hair products so I might have to just not buy any unless it counts in my "cheat"

The next items I will allow myself to buy (after my project pan obviously!) one for every X amount I finish from my collection.

  • Foundation: To buy one I have to finish 2
  • Concealer: 1 for 2
  • Bronzer: 1 for 2
  • Blush: 1 for 2 (doubt it will happen lol)
  • Highlight: 1 for 1
  • Eye shadow: 1 for 1
  • Eye liner: 1 for 2
  • Eyebrow: 1 for 2
  • Lip products: 1 for 3

Did I forget anything?
I was thinking about giving myself a number of "cheat" products. Probably something like 10 items I can buy even though they don't fit in the list.
Also I will go through my collection and declutter. I will give away or throw any products I think I won't use enough to keep. These items will count in my 1 for X.

I could have been a lot more harsh with myself but I decided to not make it "too" hard because I really want to stick with it. If it's too easy I'll probably update it!

Also I didn't include skincare but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to control myself since I'm waiting for the sales (Sephora VIB)

Let me know if you would like any post in particular and what type of updates you would like!

Hope you enjoyed!

Em :)

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